March 22, 2023

Multiplayer mobile game with friends – Our selection

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Playing online with friends is even better!
Also, we offer you our selection of the best Android and iPhone multiplayer games . Word, puzzle, board or sports games, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to playing for two.

What games to play online with friends?
There are a multitude of multiplayer games to play with friends on smartphone or tablet. Also, there is something for all tastes as will be seen in our selection.

Our selection of the best multiplayer games
8 ball pool – Favorite games between friends online
Definitely the best multiplayer pool game .
Available on Android and iOS

BF at Sea Refueled

Available on Android

Bomber Friends
You probably know the famous Bomber Man ?
Available on Android and iOS

Dobble is the simplest board game, but one that can drive you crazy.

Edit of 03/13/2020: this multiplayer game is no longer available .

Draw Something
The soul of an artist? So don’t wait any longer and play for two with friends or strangers from all over the world.

Available on Android and iOS

Duel Quiz
The game is played over 6 rounds for which a player in turn will choose the theme of the questions.
It’s hard to tell you about multiplayer games without touching on the famous mustached plumber’s kart game.

The game initially offered on the Nintendo console has been very successful in porting and this mobile version is a real killer .

Many circuits are available in solo mode or in multi mode.mushroom, banana, …).

Available on Android and iOS.

MatchUp Friends
This memory game will heat your brain. Facing your opponent, you must find as many pairs as possible in the cards presented to you.
Available on Android

Mini Golf Matchup
Also Mini Golf matchup is an online multiplayer game so you can prove to your friends that you have the best put.

If you really love multiplayer golf games, Golf Battle is for you . It offers a frenzy mode in which you compete for first place with 5 other players in a series of several holes where you have to be the fastest.

Available on Android and iOS

QuizUp is a quiz game, as its name suggests, which offers a lot of themes to allow you to challenge your friends but also the 25 million registered players.

Edit: Unfortunately the game edited by Glu is no longer available.

Rush Quiz
Another great online multiplayer game with friends, Quiz Run is yet another quiz game that emphasizes speed. Answering the questions correctly is great, but it’s even better quickly! It is noted 4.7 out of 5!

Available on Android

Perhaps you have known the Boggle? Ruzzle takes up the principle. Make the maximum number of words in a short period of time based on the letters offered.

Available on Android and iOS

Soccer stars
Here again, Soccer Stars is repeating the principle of a game you may know, the Subbuteo. Want to learn more about this awesome game, read our in- depth Soccer Stars overview .

Available on Android and iOS

Hockey Stars
Here, it is not football but hockey that is in the spotlight.

Available on Android and iOS

We no longer present the Uno , this famous card game. This is a multiplayer version that will allow you to give a few +2 or +4 to your friends or to one of the many players in the game.

Available on Android and iOS

On mobile, who says Scrabble necessarily says Wordfeud .

Available on Android and iOS

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