March 22, 2023

Containment: 5 online games to play with friends from a distance

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Just because you’re confined doesn’t mean you can’t continue to have fun with your friends from a distance. Connect your cameras and microphones, here are 5 online games you absolutely must test!
The new Saturday evening, during this period of confinement, is to have aperitifs in video , on Skype, Whatsapp or Messenger, with his friends. In this complicated period, there is more than ever a need to strengthen social ties . Especially when you don’t see anyone else the rest of the time (apart from your family or your significant other when you’re confined with them). But hey, since nobody goes out or does nothing, we don’t always have 36,000 things to tell each other. So, why not take the opportunity to play a board game ? Yes, it is always possible, even remotely. Just do it online! And here are 5 games to play without hesitation to have a good laugh.

The werewolf game
If there are at least six of you, you can play one (or more) werewolf game (s) online ! The concept remains the same: the villagers must unmask the werewolves before they kill them all! There are other very interesting roles to turn the game around and a cat to debate with others. It is possible to create a private game, to play only with friends. Something to take care of for 1 or 2 hours!

The Pictionary Game
Nothing like a Pictionary to give free rein to your creativity and have a go at the drawings of your friends or your own. Especially to split the pear, by the way! For the online equivalent, it’s on Skribbl that you have to go. You can play it from your computer or smartphone, two, three, four or even twelve. The rule is always the same: to make find a word thanks to a drawing that one makes with his mouse, his pad or his finger! Crazy laughs guaranteed.

The game of Uno
We all have a Uno at home , or almost. But hey, during confinement, it is not used much. Fortunately, people were smart enough to create an online version, available on iOS and Android. There is notably a voice mail which allows you to chat with your friends , especially to shout “Uno” or “Against Uno” when a player has only one card left!

The Blanc-manger Coco game
Invented by a Breton and a Toulousain, Blanc-manger coco consists of completing sentences with unusual and improbable words, in order to make everyone laugh. Everyone chooses their best option and then everyone votes for the best proposal. If it is usually played with cards, it can also be done online. All you have to do is create a game on this site and share the code with your friends, who will have to click on “join a room” and type in the code.

A blind test
To set the mood in your bedroom or living room, even from a distance, what could be nicer than a small blind test with several people? All you have to do is connect to the Massive Music Quiz site and choose a theme: Disney , International, French songs, Movies, 80s, Rap or even Hits 2010-2019 are among the possibilities. Enough to revise your musical culture and have fun at the same time!
Confined with your other half? Take the opportunity to test new positions adapted to the situation!
You may be one of the lucky ones who are not confined alone, but with their loved one. Yes, we said lucky, because together, there are many more possibilities open to you to occupy yourself . Already you can play board games. And above all, you can take the opportunity to explore new sexual horizons . You only have to do that after all, or almost. So You can take the opportunity to embark on a sexual challenge or expand your range of sexual positions . In bed, on the sofa, in the shower, on the kitchen or living room table, or even on the carpet, here are some ideas to try out without further ado!

On the edge of a piece of furniture: the position of the padlock
The girl sits on the edge of a piece of furniture and wraps her legs around her partner , who is standing in front of her. He grabs her legs to come close to her, while she puts her arms behind or on him for support. To see what this position looks like, it’s HERE.

On a table: the position of the square
We saw this position in the movie The Postman Always Rings Twice, and it has been causing a stir ever since. And for good reason, it offers a deep angle . The girl comes to lie on her back at the edge of a table. The man faces her, standing, and she wraps her legs around him. To see what this position looks like, it’s HERE.

On the sofa: the position of the frogs
This position can be done on a sofa or at the edge of a bed, but we chose the sofa for this time. The man sits down and the woman comes to position herself on him, squatting , her feet on the edge of the sofa and her hands on her partner’s knees to maintain herself. The man can put his hands on her breasts or somewhere else to help her, but the woman has to do the job. To see what this position looks like, it’s HERE.

In the shower: the position of the union of the wolf
Nothing like a shower for two to wake up your enthusiasm. Standing in the shower, while the water is running hot, the man comes to stand behind her partner and hug her waist ,

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