March 22, 2023

7 online games to play with friends from a distance

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🎮 Need ideas for online games to play with friends or family for a great video aperitif ?
Today, we have chosen to present you some online games that have kept us very busy during confinement n ° 1 and confinement n ° 2. We thought that it could be useful to you while waiting for the reopening of the escape games .

So, plug in your cameras and turn on your microphones, here are 7 online games that we advise you to try if you want to spend unforgettable moments with your friends or family even on the other side of the world.

➖ The Werewolf: if you are at least 6, you can play some parts of Werewolf online ! The concept remains the same as that of the famous card game: the villagers must unmask the werewolves before they kill them all! You only have to create an account to join one of the many games or create your private game so that you can only play with friends. At the start of the game, an algorithm will assign you a card (your role in the game) and then let’s go. You can then debate or defend yourself via an instant chat. Enough to occupy you 1 or 2 hours!

Werewolf Online

➖ The Uno: No need to introduce you to the UNO , it is legendary 🤩. It is mostly available online on iOS and Android, if that’s not good! The principle remains the same and obviously it is possible to shout “UNO” or “Against Uno” via a voice mail.

uno online
UNO online

➖ The little bac: we are sticking to the classics, even if for some it dates back to a few years ago, we are sure that you have all already played the little bac . You can now play it with your friends all over the world using your laptop or computer. You will have the choice between a multitude of categories and you can play games with up to 20 players! A sure bet!

small online bin
Small online bin

➖ Skribbl: have you done fine art and want to show off your drawing skills? Submit a Skribbl casually nonchalantly ! On the program: find a word thanks to a drawing that you make with your mouse, pad or finger! And if you don’t have Da Vinci’s pencil stroke, no worries, we guarantee you a lot of laughs when you realize that everyone imagines a pelican instead of your fabulous three-masted boat.😂

skibbl online
Skribbl online

➖ The Blind test : To set the mood in your bedroom or living room, what better than a small blind test? We recommend Massive Music Quiz which is very well thought out and which offers many themes (French song, 80s, Disney, Rap…). You can play against random players or against your friends by creating a game just for you. We love our neighbors less😅

blind test online
Blind test online

➖ Keep Talking and nobody explodes : In Keep Talking and nobody explodes, your friends will have to help you defuse a bomb with a manual. For this game, only one person must have the base game, then all they have to do is share their screen and voila. This game is really great with 2 players, but you can also try it with 3 players (although the communication may be more complex).😅

keep talking and nobody explodes
Keep Talking and nobody explodes

➖ Among Us : Created in 2018, Among Us has really been propelled to the top of the gaming charts in 2020. like the Werewolf, each player embodies one of the crew of a spaceship, each of whom can be either a teammate, or an impostor.

Among Us

⏳ We know you, you miss escape games too much, so you can also opt for online escape games. Indeed, some brands offer online versions of some of their rooms (in total autonomy, with a Game Master in video or by messenger, etc.). We invite you to take a look here to discover a selection tested and approved by the blog

😉 So much for our small selection of online games that you can test while waiting for experience crazy adventures in real life as soon as The Quest Factory reopens .

And what did you play? Do you have any online games to play with friends to recommend?

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